27/09/2022, Wwise Up On Air | From Wwise to Reality – Delivering a Location-Based Audio System Offsite

28/09/2019, O tęsknocie za utraconą materialnością, Digital Cultures, Warsaw, Poland

19/08/2020, Envelopement versus Directivity – A Golden Rule for VR Phonography, AVAR2020 – 2020 AES International Conference on Audio For Virtual And Augmented Reality // AltspaceVR

17/11/2020, Wirtualna przestrzeń dźwięku – tendencje i kierunki w działaniach interaktywnych, dokumentalnych i performatywnych, Horyzonty Zdarzeń Wirtualnych, Galeria Arsenał, Białystok, PL.

27/05/2020, Virtual audio interfaces – interacting with sound and music in extended realities, Audio Engineering Society Conference, AES 148th Online/Vienna

25/06/2019, Producing Immersive Music Documentaries, Sounds In Space, Derby, UK

22/03/2019, Video Creations for Music, Virtual Reality, Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) VR, and 3D Productions–Case Studies, AES 146th Dublin Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland